Intact Maya Chocolate Vessel Found in a Playa del Carmen Cave

July 30, 2022

INAH has uncovered a Maya style chocolate vessel in a cave in Playa del Carmen called Cueva de la Cruz. The vessel is 16 cm high and 17 cm wide. It probably belongs to the period 300 BCE-250 CE. It is reddish on the outside and black on the inside. It has a style similar to a pumpkin. “It will allow researchers to find information on style, technique, origin. Pottery knowledge daily uses, ritual practices, myths and cultural evolution.”

Researchers will return to the cave in the dry season to look for other artifacts, and to detemine more about the chocolate trade in the area.

INAH has the report here in Spanish, and when you click on the green camera icon, you will see great photo slides of the discovery.