University of Illinois Students Helping Excavate a Site in Belize

October 19, 2022

Students from The University of Illinois along with the Belize Institute of Archaeology are excavating a site that is a neighborhood dating to 250-650 CE. They are looking at the styles, forms and decorations on pottery sherds and the walls, floors and storage and cooking vessels, agricultural tools made of chert.

One building stands out constructed of uniform stones and white limestone plaster. There are only a few artifacts. This was perhaps a community building.

They have partially excavated a platform mound with four structures at the summit. That looked over a plaza. The structures were homes of the elite.

They have found a cache of 15 stemmed points made of chert made of non-local chert. They were unused and placed as a dedicatory cache.

The report is published by the University of Illinois New Bureau with many photos: